Androgynous Body..

I used to hate it when I was younger. I was androgynous. I looked more like a girl than a boy and people would often get confused. But when I hit the age of 16 I thought it was something erotic. I had already figured I was pretty much gay and by my looks I classified myself as a bottom. But still I was new to everything. It started to change when I had my first boyfriend. He was a attractive guy 10 years older than me. I met him through a gay friend. After we started dating he would give me panties, and made me wear them. He would often bend me over and tear a hole so he could shove his **** into me without taking them off. He liked to hear me scream telling me I had sweet voice.. I remembered the first time being painful but at the same time addictive. I kind of liked the pain it caused when he entered me. Then was when I embraced my androgyny. My face is slightly cute and I have a small build.. And my body is my most androgynous part of me. I have hint of hips a very feminine tummy. And an *** that's a little biggish on my frame. After my first boyfriend and I broke up. I had this feeling inside me that I wanted to have a rough guy as my man. To have me wear girly clothing or panties and to **** me hard enough to make me feel like a sissy. I started to take a lot of pictures of myself in sexual positions. I uploaded them on the internet just so I could meet men. I had become addicted to the feel of a real man inside me. Still i*m kind of addicted although I can control it better.. I guess I can say i*m a sissy and I do love it.
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I just love a strong man,, they can **** me any way they want... Love Diane XXXOOO

Isn't being a sissy bottom so fulfilling? I love that I make men happy by getting on my knees in front of them and sucking them!!! It's also so special to spread my legs for them and let them enter me!!!

where do you meet these guys i wanna meet one

Beeen so long since I checked this site! Hi everyone


your just like me im a sissy panty wearing bottom that wants to get ****** bad i want a bbc in me

I like you post and I like you. xxxx

wow it's amazing how similar our lives seem to be

I wish we lived closer, I would really appreciate a boy like you. What college are you attending? What are you majoring in? I mean, besides boys.

I like your story. You know how to get a man, can you tell me how a man can get a sexy thing like you?

I love guys who know what they want. Like plaint out tell you. Im going to f*** you tonight.. And ive just met him ;)

Good boy, you know you need a man inside you good luck

Thanks :) And I know that I need one :) And know hot to get one ;)