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When i look at **** whit a sissy boy in the room and we are both horny watching shemales ******* each other. He go on his knees and start to moan like a girl taking my **** deep in his sissy mouth
avram32 avram32
31-35, M
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That's what some do

will you please give me your **** as deep as you can, unless it is to tiney to get beyond my throat

will you allow me to suck your **** I want to go on my knee and suck the crap out of you

what size ****? I am on my knees

I am a sissy boy. my wife loves me like this. we both love to watch ***** of guys jacking off. I suck her friends off. she loves to watch me suck their dicks. I love to suck them. are you black or white I will suck you off, but my wife will want to watch. I am the girl

I forgot to mention that I would like to sit in the back of the room in my purple nighties, my pink coller, my pink leash, with my knees pulled up and maybe sucking my thumb

Only if you let me **** your wife in the *** and if you can be kind to show me the photo of hear

not the ***!

Ok then the ***** but i must see her first if you want my ****

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vauuu so hot ill do the same

What else happens?