Tenting Panties

I can't think of anything more erotic than seeing a sissy being shown off by her daddy, against her will, with her erection pushing out the front of her dress.  Then for her to be made to lift the front of her dress exposing her tented panties with a wet patch in them.
I think it is much more humiliating to submit to a daddy and I have a daddy, although he has not shown me to any of his friend yet, if he did I think I would die.  I always seem to have an erection when I am with him, no matter what he says or does to me.
My daddy is much stronger than me and very intimidating so I have no choice but submit to his wishes.  
smiteenyb smiteenyb
56-60, M
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I have mentioned this on a few other sites, but my wife (she does not want to be called mistress) always makes me suck off the husbands/boy friends of her friends. I do not find it humiliating. I like their essence, they like me. I wear my fish nets, my silk panties, my red garter belt, they are always playing with my *** while I suck. my wife is so proud of me

Mm, I'd like to watch...........

just get in line, I will be with you shortly

mm nice sissy have fun

Fabulous sweetie

i need a Master like that

I'm a bit nervous as he has known me for a long time, we used to work in the same firm but it's only just recently that he has found out my secret, so there is no turning back. He is getting more dominant each time I see him.

I hope you appreciate that his continued aggressiveness toward you is only to make you the best sissy you can be.
It is a joy to know that he can blackmail you in your industry and your company and that he uses it to control you more and more. You are lucky to have such a skilled and demanding Master. Many of us wish to have such a committedand uncompromising Master.
I hope to read soon that he is showing you off and making money by renting you out to others who will just want to use you over and over again.
Hugs and sissy kisses....

Wish I had a master or mistress to treat me like that