I've been occasionally dressing in girls clothes since I was 11. It's great to feel those soft feminine clothes and to be treated like a girl!

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Yes it is debra

Good for you! I hope you've found a GG to help you with makeup and all the things that go with it too? There's a large population on here and I think in general who is into this more than most people think. Have FUN
Jackie !

you go you little sissy boy/girl

isnt it just

The special feel and thrill, of wearing women's clothing is completely surpassed...

Hey if it makes you happy and isn't hurting anything I say go for it! After all there are far worse things you could be doing in your spare time then wearing a dress. :P

Enjoy and have fun with it.

i love being feminine and girly...been wearing panties since i was 5...i love it!!

A totally cool story. The freedom of choice. Go with it! I love unique individuals......Peace

This is why it is so Important for Male Femininity to Be Accepted and Encouraged. EWhat is wrong with males that want to be Feminine and Pretty? It is only Right that we live our lives the way we want in respect to what we wear and how we act! we are not hurting anyone by being Feminine. Be Who you want to be!

I love being girly and ultra femine as well. My whole sexuality revolves around it.

i love being girlly boy tooo !!!

I love wearing women clothes they feel great on your body

I love wearing women clothes they feel great on your body

I love wearing women clothes they feel great on your body

I dress as a girl all the time an I like how i feel as a girl

Enjoy and have fun with it.

boys being girly are too good like me

you said it sissiegirl. being girly is the best

it is nice being girly isn't it

Been a sissy since I was 8. And loving it