The Best :)

Thought I'd share this experience, 'cause it's way easier to put them all under sitcoms than have an experience to all programs :)

I'm a serious sitcomjunkie... Unfortunately they don't show enough of them in Finland, but just the same ones over and over again... Thankfully there's the internet and dvd's ^___^

Let's see what would be my favorites... At the moment at least:
- Friends (always and forever...)
- Dharma & Greg (thankfully they're finally coming out on dvd's)
- War at home (and then it ended ;___; )
- Coupling (UK)
- The office (UK)
- Joey
- Malcom in the middle

And those are fairly new ones :p Sure there are some golden oldies I like aswell!
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1 Response Jul 24, 2007

I love them too! They keep me company and entertain me while I do housework (blech). I have According to Jim on right now. I love new and old. From I love Lucy to That Girl to The Flying Nun to MASH to Everybody Loves Raymond, to The Big Bang Theory. Also 8 Simple Rules, Mad About You, ooh, ooh, All in the Family, I could go on and on. Thanks for starting this!