It's Time To Revisit My Youth.

When I was growing up there was nothing better then camping out. We would camp out in the wood's or somtime's it would just be sleeping out in either our's or one of my friend's back yard. Many memory's were made around the campfire. We would roast hotdog's on the end of a stick or maybe marshmellow's and see who could come up with the scariest story. On of the thing's we had fun doing was putting a golf ball into the fire and wait for the outer coating to melt off and get to the rubberband wrapped inner part of the ball and then it would start dancing around in the fire sending amber's floating into the air. I dont think we were in any danger it was just fun to watch. Then at some point we would climb into our sleeping bag's and just watch the fire till we fell asleep.

Though I never taught them the golfball thing year's later my own children slept out with friend's in our back yard while I of course got no sleep as I was looking out the window all night to make sure they were ok. I also took them camping and we enjoyed some family time outside together. Most kid's today never even get to experience sleeping out in the backyard because you cant drag them away fron the AC, TV or vidio game's in their bedroom. My twin twelve yearold grandson's are no different. My daughter has been a baby machine with seven children now and I can understand it being hard for then to go camping. She just had her last shild two month's ago and finally called it quit's and had the doctor make sure of it. I intend to change that for the boy's this summer and fall.

Each payday I have been picking up new gear for camping. My wife's family own property across the mountain of about 40 acre's with a large creek running through it. It has sat there for year's without being used and now we are going to use it. Since they had never been camping and I still have two two person tent's I got a new one. It is twenty feet long and has three room's in it. One room for us on one side, a room for them on the other side and one in the middle that we will eat in bug free. It will be fun setting it up the first time I am sure. I got a propane stove as a back up but I want to teach them how to cook on an open fire. I got plenty of fishing gear to do some fishing and will take along my 22 rifle and 9mm pistol and teach them gun safety along with a bag of tin can's to shoot. I would rather them learn about gun's and safety from me them the wrong person out on the street today. Now being the boy's are spoiled to the great indoor's I even have the toilet covered. I will find a couple of tree's that are close together and put a plastic tarp around the with a five gallon bucket with a piece of plywood sitting on top that I cut the center out of and mounted a toilet seat onto and that should do the trick.

But I am looking forward to the night and sitting around the campfire. Marshmellow's on a stick and let them try to scare me with their best story's that they can come up with. To just sit around the fire and enjoy some time with my grandson's and create some new memorie's that only the three of us will have. I am also in hope's that it will be the start of somthing that one day they will share with their own children and part of what they will share with their children is the time they spent with grandad sitting around the campfire when they were young and telling spooky story's. Youth is gone before you realize it and I want to enjoy their youth with them and have a little fun learning the joy's of camping and the campfire with them. P.S. I did get me a blowup mattress as I dont think grandad would be able to get up in the morning if I did'nt. : ) My Best.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
Jun 1, 2011