Never Gets Old... Always Something About It..

When i was a child, and we went camping it was soo much fun sitting around the fire hearing ghost stories etc. And not being able to sleep that night.. :)

But now that i'm older, i Love it even more. Camping, in the bushveld, at the farm. Sitting with a couple of friends, or just the two of you, looking at the fire vlaming and the stars above... Remembering the good things of life, realizing what to be thanful for. It's just amazing.. the whole feeling. I love it especially at my friend's Bushveld Lodge.. the complete open air, and the trees swishing and night owls and the rattling of the wind then the burning of the logs in the fire.. oh man.. i wish i didn't have to sit at the office now.. :-)

Ella06 Ella06
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2 Responses Apr 9, 2008

now that sounds fun... i just wish we had snow here.

at least once a week (when the snow melts) the kids and i love to sit in the backyard for a bonfire. we often have s'mores but the best is just enjoying the night the fire and each othr. we tell alot a round stories were each person adds a few lines in turn. we all love it and often keep it going untill midnight.