The Feeling of Intimacy It Creates

there is something magical about sitting around a campfire, whether it is with family, old friends or new, or with someone you love--it creates such a sense of intimacy and togetherness!  Whether you are sharing laughter, telling stories, letting yourself just gaze into the embers, or discussing the meaning of life, you just feel closer somehow!

I think maybe my crazyass family needs to spend some time around the campfire!  8)

classicrockcowgirl classicrockcowgirl
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2 Responses Jul 1, 2007

Fire, starlight, laughter, the smell of the piney woods and the great trees sighing in the mountain wind. Yuppers works for me,<br />

spending time around a campfire is the only thing my family still has to rely on. it really does bring us closer, back how we use to be. pretty amazing stuff, those fires.