Mountains, Campfires, Stars

I have lived in and around mountains most of my life. But beach, mountains or Hi Desert. campfires wake up something warm and primitive on the Warm Fuzzie scale. They tend to create a comradere in and of themselves.

And food from smoores to coffee etc always tatses better. Well almost always. Some folks should have a sign around their neck which says dont let me prepare food. hahaha


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I have only visited the mountains twice. In Alberta, and in British Columbia. I Evy anyone that is close to them most of the time. They have their own presence. I wonder if they know just how majestic that are?

Oh, somebody please remove the knife. I can't quite reach it from here. chortle<br />
Actually I kinda prepare for a few quickie meals if it's only gonna be a few nights. Shrimp Scampi, with asparagas and mushrooms is a quick campfire dinner for instance. ;-) Goes nicely with a botttle a wine and a wee bit a herb and some friendly company ta watch the stars with. But in truth breakfast is the best bacon, eggs and real coffee an a few biscuits. The smell alone is a memory maker. <br />
But you'll really have ta be the judge of that, the offers open!<br />
Hugs,<br />

Mmmmm, nothin' like a burnt marshmallow - I used to burn them on purpose. And, nothin' like waking in the morning to the smell of camp coffee and bacon mixed with piney air.

Porkey pines eh, Thanx for that gooey sounding campfire goodie MSP <br />
ps cuter fanny. Lol

Oh gotta make porcupines! Roast the marshmellow, roll in choc syrup and then roll in rice krispies... yummy yummy. Then again just plain ole burt to a crisp, marshmellows work for me. Camp fires on the beach or by the lake are what we grew up with. And some really pretty campgrounds here by the bay... breeze from the Gulf of Mexico and I'm good to go.

We have a fire pit in our tiny backyard and it is very enjoyable. My daughter likes to roast marshmellows. The little things in life, warm and fuzzy :)

Wow, tonight is the perfect night for camping out and watching the Perseids. It would be sooo much fun. Ewww mouse jello -

I was just watching a few shooting stars, then I got to put my niece to bed, snuggling her and hearing her say "I love you"...sweet, warm fuzzy. How can people not love children, or for that matter, campfires...