Is their anything more relaxing ? A cool fall night .. A nice hot fire .. Some great friends good music beer and weed ??? Awe yes that's the good stuff my darlings !!!
NoTuRtYpE78 NoTuRtYpE78
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A good nut is relaxing.

cheers and pass me that blunt please young

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i love that

I love building a fire for my friends to enjoy. The fire is hypnotic and relaxing. There is something primal yet soothing about it. We can all hang out yet quietly contemplate what matters to each of us. Once we are done with that... S'mores and beer!

It's something I've been wanting to do(sigh) sadly most of my friends are busy with work or are just simply not into camping.... Oh we'll

I love at the end of the night when most people have crashed and there being just the last few people around. The talk slows down. The fire and forest speak more than the people, and topics seem so much more meaningful. Unless the beer runs out.

I've been there!!! Absolutely delightful.

It is the best!!

Agree though I'd swap the weed for marshmallows ... And hot cross buns at Easter

i love campfires. and telling ghost stories, roasting marshmellows etc