Have you ever had that experience where your sitting down with you friend at a camp fire and start a conversation were he starts to brag about havering a girlfriend and then at some point they ask you if you have a girlfriend and you say no because your not a person who lies and then they just start to laugh at you. I mean I just hate that
CezarQuezada1 CezarQuezada1
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Why would you start a conversation like that?

Sorry It came out wrong we started talking about like Hershey's park because we were camping near Hershey's park and then he see's a car that look like his girlfriends car so it reminds him and then he starts to brag

Time to find new friends :) On another note, camp fire stories are like fishing tales, the more times it's told the bigger the fish get.

Don't mind them, at least you were brave enough to tell the truth. Sadly, having a girlfriend isn't a measure of maturity