I Like To Feel The Heat On My Face.

I can sit and stare at the flames of a campfire all night. I like to poke the fire around with a stick and keep everything burning. A small steady fire is perfect. You can get close and stay warm while you talk with your campmate about whatever comes up. Camping and campfires are relaxing...

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Right place at the right time I guess ;)

You're reminding me of the time I was heading for a camp ground outside of Holt, Florida. I had the camping gear in the back of the truck, when I stopped on the outskirts of Bagdad, Florida by the city limits sign.<br /><br /><br />
"I want your picture by that sign," I explained to the gal that was with me. "You can say you've been to Bagdad." <br /><br /><br />
While she was posing, a guy came out of his driveway and said "You going camping? You want some firewood?"<br /><br /> He gave us a <b>truckload</b> of over seasoned dry oak stove wood. <br /><br /><br />
We spent the next four days with a bonfire, giving away firewood to other people in the campgrounds.

Gotta collect some more wood, then we're in business!

Put on s'more logs, Mr. Source.<br />
I love me some big fires!

I suppose they do...

Remember: forest fires prevent bears.

No water, more wood!

Many a camp fire companion think if they've drank the fire water, they need to water the fire.

You have to talk to it, and ask it to blow the other way ;)

Rule of thumb: no matter which the wind blows when you <b>start</b> the campfire fire, it will change so the smoke will blow in your face.