My Campfire Years - A Set Of Short Stories

Camp fires...some of the best years of my life have been spent staring endlessly into the flames of a campfire. When I lived in my Tee Pee, staring at the flames and feeling the warmth on my face used to put me to sleep every night, and I think its the best meditation devise sense water...water being another tranquil device that I can stare into forever. Funny how one puts the other one out, as if they are fighting over your stare time. I got pretty good with cooking over a fire, because it was that or starve...literally!

I took a square metal 5 gallon bucket and made a nifty oven out of it to cook my bread, bake cookies, rolls, and cake. After burning everything for a month I finally got the temperature down and it was like an old wood burning stove I once had. I think fires might go as far back as when we were cave dwellers and is in our genetic makeup to be attracted to them. In 1972 my friends on the Reservation [Hippie Cult] nicknamed me Smoke because I could never get the smoke flaps on my Tee Pee right and would smoke everyone out. That nickname stuck for 20 years, and so did the smell of smoke on those Levi's.


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I lived in a teepee once for a month, in Montana, in December. Truely a unique experience. It was fun, but I was 20. Oh those were the days (NOT) We were just vixiting. At home we lived in a fr<x>ame house. We had wood heat, no running water (outhouse) We did have basic electricity, lights and a couple of outlets. It was on my husbands parents 2000 acre ranch We ate and did our laundry down at the "big" house. I cooked the dinner (at noon) and supper at night for between 10 and 30 people, depending. We grew or raised almost all of our food

A man after my heart : ) <br />
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I love a FIRE and I love to CAMP!! Like you, I could sit and watch a fire for hours! My favorite is outside under the night skies!! In the winter have to settle for the fireplace but still enjoy very much! Love to poke at the fire and play in it lol. Burn stuff ..heeeheeee! I have this thing about wanting to watch stuff burn lol. When we camp, I look for stuff to burn .. trash, underwear .. whatever lol. You have to watch me or I may get your stuff and burn it lol. ; ) <br />
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Did I say I like Fires? If I forgot to say it .. I Do Like To Build A Fire!! *-*

Everything tastes better when you are camping.

I thought so ;)<br />
I wondered, what became of the stove?

Quite a progression in this story, from a smoked out Tee Pee to home made bread ;)

Wow I love this. I have been remiss in not keeping up with your recent stories. I really enjoyed this story and the comments. I have spent a lot of time outdoors as well, but I never got to live in a tee pee. Cooking in the outdoors is a challenge. I can almost smell the smokey levis haha

you should make an adobe style oven for more permanent guests...I'D BE CONCERNED ABOUT ALUMINUM VAPORS OR something...oops,didn't mean to hit capslock-nor am I in any mood to bring back awesome memories for me-I was reborn in the sweatlodge.timeless...

brilliant post,bro.great tips on teepee cookin'-smoke and all!<br />
I never got inspired enough to create an oven,but we did improvise an outdoor bathtub...pvc/sticks and visqueen sheets-the water was heated in the trusty tin time we could enjoy a nice relaxing outdoor soak. sometimes I miss those days,though I do have a firepit right is good!<br />
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you're reminding me it's nearing time to dust off the salmon smoker!yeah.

Thanks so much. I think I get it. <br />
Is there anyway you could post a picture? (Sorry, I'm a more of a visual person. I still like folded up, paper maps)<br />
<br />
How long does it take to bake some bread?

Very nice. <br />
Please, tell me more about your bucket oven and how it works. I have some nifty pie irons I use for pizzas and pies. But I would LOVE to bake some bread at camp!

Nice story Musicmouse! There's so much warmth, and not just physical warmth, from a fire and sharing it with friends makes if feel even warmer.!