The profile name I chose , was at random , or so my conscious mind told me , but I realize , it is not so , the more I delve into my past experiences and remember...I have always been a gypsy.

 the road has always called to me , the group , the freedom , the spirit of the wanderer...gypsy music...campfires...dancing in the moonlight...caravans of travellers...pure magic to me.

Be they land , or sea gypsies , they call to my spirit , come sister...join the dance of life...let us play our music for you...hear our call , the moon is risen...we wait in the moonlit clearings....


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I have always had a gypsy soul too. When I was young, I traveled the world, saw things and experienced things others only dream of. I have studied the Rom, and even know some of their language. I will post a poem I wrote about being Rom soon. <br />
This is a true Romany story. Three cousins were caught stealing, and had to appear before a judge. The Domboro could not bribe the judge to let the men free. He insisted one of them spend 30 days in jail. For a Romany that was like being condemned to Hell. On the last day he cousins arrived filled with joy and ready to celebrate...but found him sitting in the cell crying. "Why are you crying? You are a gypsy! You are free!" He responded, "I do not cry for myself but for the jailer. He has to spend the rest of his life here." They understood.<br />
Paul Simon says, "A man gets tied up to the ground, he give the world, its saddest sound."

...mozzies don't like fire , spiders don't like being trodden on and snakes?? what snakes you talking about?? heeheehee!

..absolutely...come sister , dance the eternal dance around the campfires' welcome glow...

My life my life, can I join you please?