Water Flows Like Emotions...

There is something I find so tranquil about sitting next to calm water, running my hand through it so I can see the ripples and feel the lovely sensation as it flows through my fingers while also feeling the slight resistance it gives to the palm of my hand.
I have found that water soothes a whole host of emotions...Wither I'm feeling playful and stand under waterfalls or run through them, or when there is a storm...I love going down to the beach to see how powerful water can be as it forcefully slams its self into the harbour or escapes its boundaries by coming thundering over walls....If I've had a bad day seeing this puts things bck into perspective...for me water flows just as emotions do...
garners garners
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 7, 2012

I wish I lived by the sea. You're lucky :)

Lol...although I live by the sea..the Scottish weather doesn't give me much of a chance to enjoy it in the sun though ;)

Yeah but we still have the best weather anywhere :)