The Nymphomaniac.

I live in a small town in Wales.When i was eighteen my friend told me about a strange, seductive woman who lived near the town centre.
She shall remain nameless, but let,s just say she was  addicted to sex...
My friend asked me if i,d like to go to her home and see if i could get lucky. Well, being at the age where my hormones ruled my body, i eagerly said yes.

We arrived at her decaying house. He knocked on the wooden back door. She answered. Surprisingly, she was quite an attractive woman, in her late teens, early twenties. She had short dark hair, brown eyes, large breasts,and wore a short denim mini-skirt - no tights or stockings.
"Come in, " she said in a slightly slurred voice, suggesting she had been drinking or on some kind of medication.
We followed her into the very dark living-room. She put on the radio. My friend wasted no time and started to dance with her.
Within a few seconds they were kissing, his hands going everywhere. They lay on the settee together.
It was diificult to see through the darkness, but i could hear everything. Their very heavy breathing, the straining springs of the settee...
The only thing i saw clearly was my friend, leave her body, grab his trousers and rush staggering - almost stumbling - towards the kitchen. I heard him wash his private parts, walk slowly back into the room, and tell me i was next...

I danced with the sensual woman, kissing her, letting my hand travel across her body. She encouraged me to lay on the settee with her. I did. But with all my raging hormones and her eagerness to perform, i knew something was wrong...
I embarrassingly moved away from her, pulled up my pants and told my friend, "let,s go."
My friend and i walked home slowly. He looked at me stupidly when i tried to explain why i hadn,t done the dirty deed.( Now, when i look back at it i shake my head in disbelief)...

About eighteen months later the nymphomaniac killed herself...after leaving her baby girl on top of a rubbish-dump.

Cassiestar Cassiestar
56-60, M
Apr 19, 2012