With The Beatles

It was early winter, 1964. My cousin Sara, had come by, acquired, practically stolen four tickets to see the Beatles in Cardiff.
The tickets were meant for three of her friends but unfortunately - or luckily for me - one of her friends had been struck down with a very debilitating illness. Thus, my protesting cousin had been lumbered with me.
She didn,t want me there. Who could blame her. I was a kid. She was five years older than me. She was my chaperon. A teenage girl looking after a boy who had only recently started wearing long trousers...
It was an hour,s train journey to Cardiff. The concert was in the largest theatre in the city. (No halls or festivals in those days. About two thousand uncontrollable teenagers were crammed into neat rows of seats).
Her two friends were feverish girls, who jabbered and chattered all the way to the show. Whenever i asked a question, or said something, it was met with a stony silence, or a glare which would have stopped a menacing lion in its tracks...
Well, to cut a long story short, we got to the theatre about half an hour before the doors opened.
I can remember how cold it was. I wore an overcoat and gloves. My red ears were throbbing and my rosy cheeks stinging...
Eventually, the doors were squeezed, forced open. The elated, agitated - disturbed - teenage girls (an a few pimply boys), rushed, attacked, flooded into the theatre.
Screeching, shrieking girs were ushered into - along - neat rows of seats. No one sat down.
The girls sang, pranced danced, jumped up and down. Sara - the now deeply embarrassed cousin - gave me a bar of chocolate and told me to shut up and stop moaning...
There was a comedian on the stage warming-up the crowd. The mob weren,t interested.
I felt really sorry for him. Empty cigarette packs, lit cigarette stubs, ice-cream wrappers; anything and everything was thrown propelled, hurled at him...
It was stifling in the theatre and i wanted to take my overcoat off. I squeezed, shoved my gloves into my pockets and pulled at Sara,s jacket. "Can i take my coat off," i yelled.
"Please yourself," was the prompt, abrupt reply. So i left my coat on, but undid my buttons.
The place was chaotic. Squealing, crying, wailing, screaming girls, practically tearing their hair out.
The were some teenage boys around. They tried to look cool and disinterested. They were there for the cola and popcorn, any reason rather than see the Beatles. But they couldn,t disguise, hide their flushed, frenzied expressions.
As the comedian cracked his last joke and shouted,"LET,S WELCOME THE BEATLES," two dishevelled girls collapsed in front of me.
St; John,s Ambulance men struggled to carry the frothing, foaming teenagers out of the theatre...

The  Beatles set list included all the songs featured in the movie, A Hard Day,s Night and several others: Please Please Me, From Me To You, Thank You Girl, and finished with Twist and Shout. 
Atleast, i think they finished with "Twist And Shout". I couldn, t hear a thing. Occasionally, above the bedlam i could catch a moment, a snippet of a tune... Once just once, for about two minutes i saw the four of them... John, Paul, George and Ringo, looking the business in their sharp suits, stylish shirts and ties... then in a blink of an eye they disappeared from my view...

It was great, fantastic, an outstanding, memorable, momentous moment. One of the best days of my life... my far too short-lived time... With The Beatles. 
Cassiestar Cassiestar
56-60, M
May 12, 2012