Why I Love Ska

I love all kinds of music. This summer I was in the middle of Northern Ontario, in a tiny-*** town, and somehow ended up witnessing one of the best ska shows of my life. I bought the CD and listened to it all the time while I was driving, or walking to work, or sitting around the house. I came back to school and promptly started going to all the ska shows I could find. My friends started a ska radio program which made it that much easier.

Ska is so fun to dance to. Everyone I know who goes to ska shows loves the energy and happiness you encounter from everyone else who is there. Even getting trampled or getting a sweaty elbow in the eye isn't that bad at all when you consider just how much fun you're having.
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5 Responses Mar 31, 2007

Right on! I remember my first ska show, it was mustard plug w/ voodoo glow skulls at the ice house B-)

OP IV,of course! I used to see them in Berkeley,good times.

Agree...love it.<br />
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Where I'm at...the scene where I'm at isn't hyped up as I wish it was. I had friends who didn't share my love or interest for the music, so I'd go with them to some progressive rock screamo hardcore shows...and there would always be some drama. Totally bad vibes.<br />
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I never got that from ska shows. I love the music. Love getting irie, grooving, skanking. Love the people too. Its great.

I agree, SKA Shows are so FUN! I wish More people were into it though.

i love ska! man the best show was probably this aquabats show! omg they're hillarious, not only that but streetlight manifesto played pointcounter point/keasby nights remix, o and this one band covered op ivy's cation