Why I Love Skateboarding...

     The thing about skateboarding is that it's such a creative sport, there's no time limits, no scores, no referees. I don't owe my coach a certain performance, I don't owe my team a certain performance, there's no pressure when I skate.  That's why I love it no people telling me what to do or when, just when I feel like it I can go pick up my board and just flow the streets or hit up the park. It's always meant so much to me, and I feel in my younger days I tried so hard to get good fast, that it became no fun. Just pure business it felt like. But as time passed I didn't care about trying to be the best, just because I was never really the best skater to begin with anyways and I really started doing it for the Love of Skateboarding. Started doing tricks I though would look cool and feel cool. That's when I discovered that it was really about the fun and good times you get out of skateboarding. The feeling of being you on your skateboard, skating the style you wanna skate doing the tricks you wanna try. I'm 22 and Its funny cause sometimes my family or even some friends tell me aren't you to old to skate, and I tell em ya just gonna have one more year of skating and then I will probably stop. But it's so funny because I know clearly that I have no intentions to stop. It's kinda like an addiction I have, I really truly enjoying doing it. I don't wanna stop and I know I won't.

     Well a little later down the road, my long time friend/skater. We decided since we lived in Canada, and we were acknowledging that Canada didn't have as much hype on skateboarding then the U.S. We wanted to create a website, that would carry the largest supply of Canadian Brand Skateboards. We wanted to put Canadian Skateboards on the map. Personally I didn't know too much about any Canadian Skateboarders before we started this website and I'm still discovering new shredder's all the time in Canada now. Well we made this website, decided to get some other brands on board with the website. But our main focus is to put Canadian Brands on the map. We both are done school and are in our career fields, and The thing is were not out here to make a fortune off it, we said to one another, what we get out of this we should put it back in to Canadian Skateboarders and Brands. I truly just wanna be a part of the History of Canadian Skateboarding! =)

     I invite you to please take a look at our website (www.distinctskateboards.com) even if your not interested in buying anything, I would be very grateful if you told the skaters you know about Us trying to put Canadian Skateboards on the map! =)

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