Let's Call It "ski Training" !

To those who know me, I am something of a Ski Addict, & as most of the world likes to think Oz is a sun-baked land , with nor a snowflake anywhere.

The good news is, that when the rest of the world is in Summer, we get ........... SNOW ........... well some parts of Oz do ! anyway one makes the most of it.

Now to keep myself or rather the legs in pratice, I have got a pair of inline skates  (rollerblades) for my son & myself. Talk about a pair of clowns, started out just shuffling around in the garage, than once we got a bit better headed on down the road to get some more "serious" training in. I even found an old pair of ski poles to keep the idea moving along !!!
The score so far, I have landed on my arse 3 times, yes it hurts more the closer to 50 one gets, my son, one face plant, well he's only 13.

But if it helps to lift our game - hey what have we to lose !     Who knows we might have just created the next crazy sport !
4meiski 4meiski
46-50, M
Mar 22, 2012