I went to sunshine, having looked at the weather I wasn't expecting much in the way of new snow. As I pulled into the parking lot I got a surprise. It was snowing :) as I made my way from my front row parking to the ticket booth talking to the attendant she said no new snow in the last 3 days. I usually go above my ability on the runs I take which wasn't really a surprise I did again today. My first face plant, I was coasting along a fairly flat spot off the wa wa chair going to ski down birdcage but I wanted to feel the fresh powder beside the tracks so I went a little higher into a drift. My skis stopped and let me out in a full frontal motion known as a face plant. I skied birdcage a few times and headed up the standish chair for a run or 2, not really that experienced in powder so my tail caught on something under the snow and down I went. Awesome feeling when you think it's gonna hurt and it's nice soft snow. I then went up to the top of the mountain and it was wind blown hard pack, not that much fun, since everything was starting to get tracked up I headed over to goats eye, doing a couple runs there I ended up in some trees that were above my ability, I did alright just had to do it one turn at a time. Bending up on the goats eye lift line run was an experience for me, big bumps, not a lot of room to turn and kinda steep.(I just started skiing again last year) I am capable of making turns and not worrying to much about which line I'm on which made me feel good, when I got to the bottom my whole body was trembling from the work out it gives. Did a couple more runs, getting worn out and know I'll try something I shouldn't yet.
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Sounds like you had fun