Teen Diver

I guess I still could with a modified fin, but if you have read my other stories you know why. Summer of 7th grade 1980, I have survived a year of trauma, only to have my Dad unleash another horror apon me, skin diving and spear fishing. It will be great he says, I did all the time and often as I could. Ok sounds fun so far and you need gear, good, I like things that need gear. So Dad buys me a mask and fins, and we load his gear in the 1965 Chevy II, Color Green and Rust, no it is not a factory option. Off we went Dad trying to tell me everything that I would need to know. Me watching the town go by as we drove around the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Whites point, then hiked along the coast to the locally named "Dead Mans Cove" the hike over the rocks was rough on the feet. The cove was a sheltered area, ok we know the definition of cove. But here there was a the neatest natural rock formation. it was just like a six foot groove, that allowed access to the water in full gear , set on the edge put on your fins and drop in. No, in the three years I was forced to go I never saw a shark.

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Sep 18, 2012