Many Times, In Different Places

I've skinny dipped off and on for years.  I regard skinny dipping as different from swimming nude on naturist/clothes optional beaches, because Hey! that's what you're supposed to do when you're there (love that too). Skinny Dipping for me is a naked dip where you aren't necessarily meant to be nude.

I've done it in rivers and pools across the UK, Europe and in the US, alone & with friends, but my favourite time was probably about 30 years ago when back packing round New Zealand and visiting one of the Southern Alps glaciers. I'd been hinking on the top of the glacier on a beautifully hot summer's day with a girl I'd met that morning at the youth hostel & who said she was also going to visit the glacier, so we decidde to go togther.

As we descended the mountain towards the coast we came across a pool of bright blue, glacial water in a corrie (a hollow/dip also called a cwm, cirque depending on where you are). We were hot & sticky so I just ran down to the pool, dumped my backpack, boots & clothes & jumped in. I almost jumped straight back out, the water was ice cold! The girl was rather shocked, but recovered enough to take a photo of me standing by the lake, which I still treaure (she'd used my camera) and came down & joined me. No one else came by on paths anywhere near us as we swam, laughed and then stood and sat in the sun to dry off. Luckily we had clean clothes in our packs to put on. I didn't fancy putting the smelly ones back on, but I remember that we both went commando for the rest of the walk.
HappyLad320 HappyLad320
Mar 21, 2012