I Hate To Wear Bathing Suits While Swimming Now

Before the 1970's nude swimming in High School P.E. classes was common, but when I was in High School in the late 60's swim suits were allowed. The PE teachers did try to encourage the students to not wear them citing the advantage of not having wet bathing suits left in lockers overnight and getting the locker room floor all wet. Only a few semesters of PE class were required in High School to graduate and swim class was only a few weeks out of that so I didn't have to be in the pool that much. That suited me just fine as I didn't know how to swim and didn't like getting in the pool much. I think there was a vicious cycle at work there, I never learned how to swim because I didn't like the water, and I didn't like the water because I couldn't swim. Forgetting your swim suit wasn't an excuse for not going in the pool because you could swim without one, but they rarely marked you as 'absent' if you refused to go in the pool (you could claim you felt a cold coming on). I was given swimming lessons in the class and I did discover I could float, and used a kick board to work out my legs, but I still wasn't very good at it. The most I got out of swimming lessons in HS was that I would probably not drown if I fell into water above my head. Toward the end of the last semester that I had PE I didn't have a swim suit with me on a day I was scheduled to use the pool. I was just curious enough to go to the class in the nude to see how it felt in the water. I was using the kick board and the feeling of the water flowing around me was great! In fact swimming in the nude made me like being in the pool enough to want to learn how to swim, I wish I had tried it much earlier! There were only one or two more swim class sessions left and I don't think I brought my swim suit for those either.

A few years later I had a close call at the beach having walked into a deep spot falling into water over my head. I knew how to float but ended up being pulled out to shallow water by the life guards. A younger friend who was still in HS on the swim team offered to give me some lessons at the JCC pool that his family belonged to. That pool was open to men only, two nights a week. On the first night I was there I noticed that many people there swam naked so the next time I went I didn't wear my swimsuit in the pool.  Once again I loved the feeling of the water flowing around me, it was great!  I didn't even bring a swim suit after that.   I learned how to swim well enough that I could jump into the deep end and make it back to the shallow end of the pool. I could also swim a few laps but never learned how to do the 'flip turn'.

It was many years after that before I was able to find a place where I could skinny dip in a pool. A co-worker had a large pool in a back yard surrounded with landscape plants that gave complete privacy. He and his wife always swam and sunbathed in the nude and he invited me over a few times when his wife was away (though I would not have been embarrassed to have been naked in front of his wife). After I got married my wife and I bought a house with a screened in pool in the back yard. We put up a tall privacy fence around the area and we were able skinny dip whenever we wanted. I very rarely wore a swim suit in that pool.

We've moved to a larger house after our twin daughters were six years old. This house has a very large yard and most of the nearest houses are a few hundred feet away. There is a ficus hedge between us and the nearest house and our house blocks the view of the pool on the other side of the lot. On the only open end of the lot the nearest place from which the pool area can be seen is far enough away to require binoculars to see anything worthwhile. When my daughters are not around I can skinny dip in the pool any time I want. My doctor has suggested I get more exercise and swimming is a good low impact way to do that. I no longer want to wear a suit in the pool, especially those baggy shorts. If I had to wear one I might consider a thong. Sometimes I'll use the pool in the middle of the night if I can't sleep. The last time I did it felt so good in the water that I didn't want to go back to bed, just wanted to stay in the pool and swim feeling the water flow past me. It feels like being a dolphin or a fish swimming naked. Really great!
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I wish that a could find a convenient place to swim nude. Even though I don't have the body of a Greek god I always loved swimming au natural.

I love swimming and haven't worn a swim suit for many years now. Swimming in the nude is really the only way for me now. As for embarrasment with others, well if you get into the pool there really is not much on show, so to those wondering about having a skinny dip with family and friends, just go for it. Nudity is not about looking at others more about the joy of feeling the water on your skin.

My twin daughters don't quite understand what's so great about skinny dipping. (They are almost 18 and will be starting college this fall). One of my daughters said "don't you get bugs up your ***?" Guess next time one of them questions me I'll tell them to just try it and I'll promise not to disturb them.<br />
<br />
I usually warn them that I will be in the pool nude when they are home during the day before going in. Not because I wouldn't want them to see me naked, but because THEY might not want to see me naked. At this point I'm so used to being in the pool nude it's become completely natural to me.

So why not let the girls go? Hogging all the skinny dipping fun for yourself? If you enjoy it, I'm pretty sure they will too. I did.