Early Moring Dip

Sometimes (like this morning) I'll be the first one up. I got of of bed around 8:30am but my wife and daughters were still asleep (late night for everyone). I put on a terry wrap and walked out to the pool to find a partly sunny morning in the low 80's with hazy sun. It felt nice outside, though a bit breezy and I sat by the pool listening to the bluejays cawing. Gradually the sun peeked though the hazy clouds and it felt good on my skin. I peeled the terry wrap off and sat naked on a patio chair to soak up the sun. The pool looked very inviting with the sun gleaming off the surface of the blue water. I soon started to sweat a little from the sun so I put on my swim goggles and jumped into the pool. The water felt wonderful as it had not yet had time to warm up from the sun and had been cooling down over night from yesterday's sun. I swam back and forth until I was out of breath and then sat back down to soak up some more sun. I re-entered the pool after some rest and again tired myself out doing some more laps. Finally I grabbed a bar of soap and some shampoo and washed off the pool water chlorine under a cold outdoor shower. After sitting in the hazy sun for a bit to start to dry off I finished the job with a towel and put my wrap back around my waist and went in for breakfast. By this time my wife was awake checking her email on her phone. "Happy mother's day dear!", she had already read the card I had left for her and thanked me. What a nice way to start the day!
TetsuwanAtom TetsuwanAtom
56-60, M
May 13, 2012