My First Time

So one night after dinner mom and dad were watching a movie and it was my brothers and me - so my brother dared me to take off my swimming suit. I said I would if he would. Splat - it was our younger brothers suit hitting the side of the pool. We all three laughed and pretty soon we were all three naked. I loved the feeling!

My little brother was the first one brave enough to get out and jump back in. But pretty much we were so worried about getting caught we weren't making any noise. Which, as it turns out, is how we got caught. Mom didn't hear us splashing around like we usually do - and got worried because it was so quiet. Flick - on came the light in the pool and it didn't take her too long to figure out what we were doing.
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Thats a great story I'm sure you all remember fondly at what age did you all stop or do you still enjoy skinny dipping together

We still skinny dip together when we have the chance. Mom and dad are used to it by now - so in their pool all the time. Other places if we can. I cant wait til I have a pool of my own!

Thats too cool your all older now and got to watch each other develop, do mom and dad ever join in. thats got to be an incredible turn on for you guys

Hi all - sorry so long in answering!<br />
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My brothers were 10 and 13, I was 11. Mom was not terribly happy at first - she went in to tell my dad who laughed so loud we heard him from the pool. He came out, looked at us, and shook his head. All he said was "Don't stay up too late!" After that nighttime skinny dips were pretty common.

yes - very. Especially after that. Once you have permission its a different experience.

How old were you guys when this happened?