In That Private Cove

My Girlfriend and I decided to take the boat to the lake last week. it was a beautiful warm day and the water was a little cool, too cool for donna, but boy, did she look good in that red bikini. we motored into the part of the lake that is in the forest and pulled into a nice little cove, dropped the anchor and tied the bow to a tree. donna wanted to lie on the bow and sunbathe, I walked around in the woods for a while to check it out, nice place, I went back to the boat and said I was going to swim around naked, I took off my bathing suit and put it up on the swim platform, no one was around, the sun was beating on my butt and as I swam around, it felt good !, I swam kind of far from the boat when all of a sudden another boat came along and parked right near us, about fifty feet away, there were two couples, the girls were in bikini's, I thought, well, boaters are used to skinny dipping, so, as i swam back to the boat, the girls yelled over with a smile, "thats what we like about this lake, the water is crystal clear!" , I grabbed my suit and swam around the other side for a little privacy! my girl was laughing. I cant wait for next weekend!
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Too bad that no one joined you.

great story..... fun fun fun