A Good Time Camping Part 1

so a group of 12 of us went camping about 3years ago now. we had all just finnished school and this was our trip to celebrate and have some fun. out of the 12 people i only knew 3 well. the other were just friends of friends. the night started of great lots of alcohol people sharing great stories we were all having a great time. it got to midnight and we all decided to do a naked mile. so all of us bar 2 ******** of and ran 1 mile around this camp site naked. there were still some other campers awake and they started cheering as we ran past. as we were all ready naked we decided we would go skinnky dipping when we got to the lake to our surprise there were another 20 or so people in the water already naked. we joined up with that group and thats when it got really fun................................................
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5 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Sounds like it would have been fun!

Wish I was there 2 xxxx lol

Great lead-in to the next one. Have fun and thanks for great stories!

Oh, come on! You cannot stop there! It was so good and then... Talk about mean!

Part 2?