My First Time Skinny Dipping with a girl

my girlfriend and I and my brother and his girlfriend and my girlfiends sister and her boyfriend went to a pond out in the country we heard about where everybody skinny dips, we wanted to go swimming. cool, I knew I was about to see naked women!! I was starting to get excited when we pulled up to the parking place, there were quite a few cars there. when we approached the path into the woods there were some people standing there sort of like guards, " no one allowed in with clothes" they said !. we all looked at each other and my brothers girlfriend said she wasnt taking her clothes off in a parking lot!, my girlfriend wanted more privacy. then we said well, we came here to go swimming, so a few of us ******** right in front of the cars and the other people. at this point I hadnt seen my girlfriend naked before!!!!. nice, she grabbed my arm, and down the path towards the water we went. there were naked people everywhere !
daydreamerz daydreamerz
56-60, M
Sep 20, 2012