I'm Almost One...

I like 2 look at them..dunno why...

XxLuckeeStarrXx XxLuckeeStarrXx 26-30, F 6 Responses May 5, 2008

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LOL funny!

Me too. Skinny girls are hot!

true, like I've said to someone before I'm not some fat-hating tyrant. I grew up very large and come from very large ppl, spent 30 years being very large. I just don't really wanna go back to it and have a very disordered way of thinking/being motivated (always have) as you will all soon (or have) see/n.


u r waaaaay cool and I honestly thought u'd rip me a new one and i hate being ripped a new one online, that's mean, why r u gonna be mean 2 ppl using a service that u have 2 pay 4!?! I TRY to be nice and if I see something that ****** me off, I just don't say anything and if I DO say anything, I try not 2 be a ***** about it.

U really r awesome!!!


to each her/his own. my cousin is bulemic. we went to a concert and our table mates asked me secretly if she was ill. I think it is sad, but do what ya like as long as you don't go putting down women who aren't skinny.

Look, I don't mean to be mean or anything, that just sounded kind of high and mighty 2 me..

I'm not in a good mood..


And your point?

Don't u know we tend 2 b suicidal? Why don't go and feel "blessed" somewhere else?