I Just Found a Breeder

I jsut found a breeder here in Iowa. I have been talking to them through email. I Think I am going to go ahead and arange an adoption when the spring litter is birthed.

I am so thrilled!

Skunktails Skunktails
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11 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Yeah. :)

goof ball


*rolls eyes*


Wll, just look whose story you are commenting on.

well thats different

Thank you<br />
I will be sure to get some good pictures to put up here.

Actually I don't mind it.<br />
Aside from that, the skunks will be descented.<br />
A pet skunk is kind of like crossing a ferret and a cat, and then make it 5 times more affectionate. <br />
They love to play and chanse things, but as well, will spend hours cuddling with you. They become very attached to people. They can even be litter trained.<br />
The only real drawbacks to a skunk for a pet is that they are curious and very smart, and will get into anything they are able. As well they will eat till they get make themself sick.. So you have to limit their food.

do you like the SMELL of skunks???