The Higher The Better

The highest pair I have right now are those in now profile pic. 6 inch, without a platform. I love the angle between my foot and the floor, and the way it makes you take the tiniest of steps, and so carefully. It makes me feel dainty just thinking about it.
I had a proper pair of ******** heels. Silver strappy sling back 6 inch heels with a 2 inch platform. I wore those out, I loved them too much.
These days I kinda think the platform is cheating. Every inch of platform takes a bit away from that angle between foot and floor. Though saying that I do know that a high heel combined with a platform takes special care. There is a funny angle in that platform and if you don't walk carefully it will force your ankle and knee forwards at the same time, and before you know it you are on the floor.
Maybe that is part of the attraction for me. The knowledge that at any moment it could all come crashing down, but in the meantime it looks and feels so so hot.
Working sky high heels takes a special tallent and alot of practice.
Heellover Heellover
36-40, M
2 Responses May 17, 2012

How about those 7inch ballet boots? Those intrigue me and I am tempted to get a pair for myself!

Oh, yes yes yes, and then some. They do look like sweet sweet torture.

They sound hot. They look hot. Wish I could see you walk around in them, strutting yor stuff. Would love to watch you and fantasize.