I Love Video Chatting On Skype

Im tai.marker1 :) I just got a new laptop and have discovered the wonderful world of Skype. Im 26 and love chatting on there!
tmarker86 tmarker86
26-30, F
8 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Hey , yea I love it. Great fun
Add me if you want. avitlarge123

Me and my wife love to chat online, we would love to chat sometime!

I'll add u.

Hi, i have skype also i tried other video chats too i was talking to a young girl about enemas and showing her what a fleet enema looks like, she was very interisted.. my skype name is codliver3

I have skype and never used it yet, my name there is codliver3 would love to chat with you sometime...

Hi Tai how are you? love to skype with you sometime

Im tai.marker1 on there

i am teet0os on there welcome add me :D

me too