Carlson Hill

Growing up poor with six brothers and sisters, as you can imagine, we never really had much in the way of anything! My mom would always buy us these plastic snow sleds for Christmas and they usually lasted us for a long time.

There was a youth group that met at this little church down the road from our house, and every once in a while, they would invite all of us kids to this place called "Carlson Hill."

There would be tens of hundreds of kids there sometimes and you didn't even have to have your own sled, they provided inner tubes from car tires to use in place of sleds. No one was formally in charge of the place, it was just a hill in a field owned by a member of the church and nothing bad ever happened there.

I love to find a good hill and go racing down on a sled by myself or in a toboggan with several people at once. Good times man, clean fun!
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Dec 15, 2010