Chesnut Hill Cemetery

This cemetery is the most beautiful cemetery during both summer and winter. It's call Chesnut Hill because it's on a giant hill full of chesnut trees.

My friends Rachel and Marilyn spent the night and brought their sleds so we could go sledding the next day. You should know Marilyn is my best friend, and still is.

We found a hill that only had one tree, but we seemed to be a little chicken - so I went. I was on one of those cheap plastic saucers that fly down the hill and are virtually unbreakable. I gauged where the tree was as I went down, but since I was on a saucer, I spun around backwards. At some point I sighed and was about to raise my arms because I was thinking "I missed the tree" then BAM!

My eyes had closed upon impact. The first thing I heard was this incredibly high-pitched gut-laugh coming from the top of the hill. I looked up to see Marilyn falling over laughing.

I was fine, just a little shocked. I decided that day Marilyn was going to be my best friend for a long time.

I had my revenge, though, when we went to St. Bonaventure Cemetery. They have a huge hill with nothing to hit, just a small drop off. We had a super-duper giant tube we both fit on easily. For whatever reason she bailed off on the front when this thing was in full speed and I ran her over... I had a good laugh.


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Jul 20, 2009