The Sport Of Sledding

Being youthful and indestructable, or so we thought, my brothers and I started a club, a club oriented around the intracacies of crashing. Optly named "The crash up dummy club" We would try stunts we lacked skills to execute, from jumps in the highest new growth atop the full grown maples to slides off the roof my dad had never shovelled. It was a time of excitement and bliss... Those days never stop, still in our early twenties we set out to hit jumps pull stunts and fall like you would never believe. Today our sled movies are testament to our youthfulness. Be inspired check them out on youtube at

                                                                          Thanx for hearing our story,

                                                                                                   Fall Fever Sled Team

Freesledders Freesledders
22-25, M
Jan 19, 2010