Wore Them All The Time...

Before I got married again and then had kids, I would dress in women's clothes every single night when I got home from work and first thing in the morning before I had to go back in. To ensure that I didn't waste any time whilst sleeping I would always wear a nightie and panties to bed. I then progressed to keeping my bra and breast forms in them in bed whilst I slept and that was ok but something was missing. I tried stockings and suspenders but I realised that I was missing the lovely tight feeling around my manhood that pantyhose gave me and I then started to wear them in bed instead of the stockings! It was great getting up in the middle of the night and padding to the loo in my pantyhose with my baby doll nightie brushing my panyhose clad legs. In the mornings I then just had to slip off the nightie and slip on a blouse over my bra and put on a skirt before getting into my heels and there I was ready for breakfast. Lovely.
SusanMarina SusanMarina
May 22, 2012