Pure, Raw, Natural...Real.

My breath on your neck, my hand on your thigh, arms holding each other....it feels like home to me.

All I have right now, in my morning light , while you sleep, is caffeine drenched eyes fighting to stay open. I wish I could be with you.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
7 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Yeahhh...it's heavy and achy, but sweet as well.

*sigggggggggggh* is right! I know that feeling!<br />
<br />
It's almost on the level of a looney tunes *la siggggggggh*!

ohhhh...I'm sorry you have to feel such longing!

You said it, girlfriend... <br />
<br />


Mmmmmm... do I ever know this feeling!

Awwwwww I hope you get everything you want hunni!!