Mommy And Her Little Boy

Hey momma :) I walk into your room and lay on the bed with you:)
Hi baby:)
What ya doin momma?
Tryin to get the pump to work baby
I blush and slightly bite my lip.
Wats wrong baby
I've been really stressed out at school, and I've really been wishing I could just be a kid again . A little kid..... I look down slightly ashamed.
Aw baby Wat do.I need to do
What d you mean momma?
how can I make you feel like. a kid
I just wish I could be a baby and not have to worry about a thing..
Aw (i reach out) do you wanna lahy in my lap ?
I smile and nod my head and lay in your lap, my head brushes across your nipples.
You see my tank top get wet an start leaking
You see me staring and biting my lip.
You also notice I'm hard to.
Wats wrong baby boy
I reach up and touch the wet spot on your shirt.
I look up at you and rub your nipples throught your t-top
Oooh bbbbabbby
You notice me get hard and bite my lip staring at the wet spot on your shirt
Whats wrong baby
I'm hungry momma.
Wat you wanna eat baby
I look at the wet spot on your shirt and blush and bite my lip
You want milk baby?
I nod
I pull my tank top off slowly
Mmmm I lean in and suck the milk from your nipple and you notice I'm fully hard.
I squeeze it slightly
Mmmmm I bite your nipple
I look up at you and kiss you.
My hand sliding down your stomach;)
I kiss you back
I reach your ***** and rub it through your panties
I softly push you onto your bed and push your panties to the side and rub you.
Oooo babbby
I grind my **** against your leg
I bite my lip
I take my pants off and rub your **** with the head of my duck and look at you as if I'm scared
What's wrong baby
Im scared mommy. :'( I'm a virgin mommy:'(
Just do what feels good baby
I shove my **** in you and moan. Oooohhhhh mmmmooooommmmmmmmmmiiiiiieeeeeee
Mommmie:'( I'm gunna ***:'(
I try to pull out
I wrap my legs around you and pull you baxk in
Mmm mommy:'( I'm gunna ***:'( I try to pull out again
Nuh uh baby *** in me
But mommy:'(
I *** deep in your womb, and cover our baby with my hot sticky ***;)
Mmmmmmmm mommmmmmmmiiiiiieeeee :)
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