I Do When I Can

I am in college and I have a roommate so I don't get to sleep in the nude as much as I would like. The dorms here are very old but they keep them plenty warm so even in the winter its warm enough to sleep naked but I dont with my roommate around. Luckily, her family is about 100 miles away so she goes home some weekends. When she is gone, I sleep naked and just relax, study, watch TV and surf naked.
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Same boat, on the room-mates thing.

Awesome!!!! I wish I was friends with a girl like you!

I decided that I would Dr rive home from college for the holidays rather than flying. My car needed some maintenance and I wanted to spend some time alone. I stayed in motels two times and it gave me an opportunity to spend my evenings naked. I spent time in the tub relaxing but one nite it was snowing out so I sat in the dark on the table in front of the wide open window watching the and trucks. I was on the 3rd floor so no one could see me but so reminded me of sitting in my windowbox in the nude at school.

Wonder what would've happened if you had the lights turned on ;)

Probably would have been arrested. :)

It's was always nice to sleep naked in the dorm and study that way too. It's so relaxing. I hope you get to do it more often soon. :)

If your in Collage your room mate should respect your habits. Sleeping naked is the norm. The inuit do it (did it) under furs in an egloo. For me the fealing of clean crisp sheets aginst my naked body is a wonderful sensual fealing and it makes curling up in bed more relaxing and easier too fall asleep in a good dreamy mood. I think walking around nude would be diferent because your inbvading your room mates space visually. But When your sleeping your in your own space. Be respectfull and dont push your nudism on your room mate. I can't imagine the weirdness for your room mate lasting more than a weak. Like the first time you take a shower at the gym or sports team, it quickly becomes normal. I bet the majority of the world sleep naked.

Sounds like you wish she was gone more. Does she not like you naked or you are concerned about her reaction ?