Learned From My Big Brother

When I was growing up my mom would buy me nighties to wear. My brothers always just wore their underwear.

One of my favorite things was that after my bath or shower at night I would put on my nightie but for some reason mom never had me put on any panties. I loved that feeling!

I went to get my older brother up one morning and noticed his underwear on the floor so I lifted up his sheets and sure enough he was naked! That night when I went to bed I thought I would try it too! So when i got into bed I pulled off my nightie and just laid there for the first time feeling VERY naked and a little bit naughty!

One weekend I guess I was just feeling adventurous so I threw my nightie by my bedside - guess i wanted to get caught lol. My mom came in and saw it by my bed. She asked me why it was on the floor. I told her I liked sleeping that way. She shook her head - and mumbled something about my brother. But since then I never put a stitch on for bed.

The first time my brother came in to wake me up he sure got a surprise. lol
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I don't recall ever sleeping any other way. In fact we, my sister, brother and I never got dressed again after our evening bath. Our folks let us romp around naked the rest of the evening which could have been anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. I never thought anything about it until I went to college and the room mates in the dorm was repulsed by it. They got over it, though. Then when I got married, my wife wasn't bothered by my sleeping nude but she expected me to have something on if I wasn't in bed. She, too, got over it.

This is a nice story, Alice; its too bad about the crude comments.

Did you ever crawl in to Bed ? With your Brothers? Did they enjoy it?

Hey that s nit nice u rgot to tel the best part! What happend what i brother said??? How was after that were youl naked n the house