Easy Access

I just love the easy access. For him and for me. clothes just slow things down.

Plus - I love to spoon and naked spoons can get much closer - don't you think??? ;)

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11 Responses Apr 20, 2007

I love naked spooning :D

I always sleep naked, and have done for as long as i can remember :)

Mmmmmm!! Naked spooning in the morning is the BEST!

So succintly put.....sleeping naked is the only way to go, alone...and when I'm with my bf...;)

lol whenever my girl sleeps naked i end up unconsciously trying to do it with her while she's asleep. then i ease into consciousness and still want to go, and she's juts annoyed for wakin her up :D

I agree, spooning naked is sooooooooooo much better naked and more erotic feeling the naked skin agaisnt my body rather than material

Just love to face my partner and throw a leg over him, rest is left to the imagination :)

Just lovely, keep warm!

Sleeping naked is the only way to go. And, I have to agree with Labyrith, it does make 'things' more accessible.

I love your story and agree entirely, it's just so much better, more comfortable and why not always be prepared to see if it leads anywhere. Sounds like a lady with similar ideas close to my own.

It also helps my insomnia!

i completly love sleeping naked! no other way