Sleeping Naked

i am a guy who just loves sleeping naked or at least sleeping with nothing on below my waist.  i love the feel of my penis against the cool sheets and when i am sleeping with someone, i love that she can reach over and fondle and stroke it with no clothes in the way.  it is soooo great to be awakened to the sensation of having your penis stroked or sucked!!!!  likewise, i love being able to reach over and have unrestricted access to a inviting breasts or or a ***** needing my special touch :)
ncbaseball4321 ncbaseball4321
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6 Responses Dec 16, 2006

Great story and thank you for sharing. I always sleep nude and feel the same .

I always sleep naked. The feel of the covers when the bed comes up to full warmth seems to me to like I could be sleeping in warm white chocolat. That not be perfectly clear to everyone. I can fall asleep when I surrender to the cold sheets and they start returning the warmth. None of my parts are restricted in any way by tangled bed clothes. It is wonderful to let the energy and warmth travel through my body as I relax to sleep.

isn't it great to wake in a nice warm ***** .. or even to wake up with your penis being sucked by her

You are SO bad NC.... :)

u can be sure that i would be very appreciative of ur reaching over and playing with my ****...and its already getting ready for ur touch :)

I love sleeping with nothing on as well. I love feeling the sheet or blanket gently rub against any part of my nude is so sensual. It would be so sexy knowing the person I was lying next too would be appreciative of me reaching over and gently stroking his **** ...the imagination wanders.