Wish I Could

I use to enjoy sleeping naked but I get to anymore. My baby still wakes up through the night and the last time I slept naked it took me like 20min to find a t-shirt. I don't feel comportable picking up my baby, walking her through the house, and feeding and rockig her to sleep while I'm in the nude. I really don't want to get the wrong nipple!!!!!!She's got a couple of teeth!!!! When the baby's at the g-parents.....that's a different story.......a much dirtier one!!!!!
Luci Luci
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7 Responses Apr 30, 2007

nothing wrong with you being nude in front of your baby.... it is an infant and you ARE the mom.....be comfortable!!!

I can relate....I also stopped sleeping nude when my boys were little and constantly waking during the night. My youngest is now 4 and it's finally back to the point I can sleep naked without having to get up and get dressed several times. I had to laugh at the image of you searching for a t-shirt in the dark....I've so been there, lol. Have patience...you'll get it back eventually. :)

You could always do what I do. I have a small table next to my bed and in the winter time when I'm able to sleep in the nude I will either put my t shirt & sweat pants or my robe on the table so that should I have to get up in the middle of the night for something I have some cloths ready.

Maybe when she's older and has greater understanding, you can be more comfortable in yuor nudity around her.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with nudity I'm just not comfortable hoding her while I'm naked. And now if she sees me naked she yells " boobies!" and attemps to smack at them like they are bouncy balls! Same way with my butt!!

Nudity is normal, so there should not be any problem if your baby sees you nude. Babies have no hang-ups about nudity I am sure! So what if he grabs the wrong nipple...there is always the next one!

ROFL! So... when do we get to hear the "other" story??!! ;P