Foreign Exchange

When i was 17, i was lucky enough to be part of a foreign exchange program. I went to the czech republic and oddly enough my family got a romanian student. It was a particularly hot fall in Prague when i got there, i was amazed at the countries approach to nudity, i remember seeing old men sitting in the park on park benches in their underwear, with the rest of their clothes folded neatly in a pile next to them. university students in all stats of undress throughout the park in the center of town. I was sitting with my host family late at night and it was still nearly ninety degrees, which seemed to be unbearable to them let alone me who came from the pacific northwest. It was the third day like this, I wasn't sleeping very well and the host family knew it. My host father told me to take me clothes off, and sleep naked. I remember just staring at him, i wasn't sharing a room but the house was small and privacy wasn't exactly easily attained, these hot nights most of the doors throughout the house were kept open for air circulation. I suggested that someone would see me, and he looked at me like i was crazy. He just smiled and said he and his wife always slept nude and weren't really worried about me seeing them, in fact they'd be nude right now if they didn't think it would make me uncomfortable. I looked confused and asked about their daughter and son, and how they would react to seeing their parents nude or how they'd be able to handle seeing me naked if it should happen. He just laughed and said they're used to it, we don't normally wear clothes around the house if it's more than 80 degrees, we're doing it as a curtsey to make you feel at home. I told him i'd be willing to try it, and for the first time ever in my life i slept in the nude, it was amazingly refreshing and cool the first decent nights sleep i had while in the republic. I haven't slept clothed since, a little more than a decade now. After a couple days of the heat and me adjusting to being naked while sleeping my family began to "forget to wear clothes" after baths or in the morning i can't say that i joined them in this but it did introduce me to social nudity which i partook in a lot that year and have a lot since.
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Sep 5, 2012