Been Doing It A While Now

It started when I was 16. I got home one evening from band camp, took a shower, and then went into my room to get ready for bed. I thought to lay down on the bed for a moment, and then woke up the next morning, cool and comfortable. Ever since that day I've never worn PJs to bed, no matter if it's hot or cold. It's just more comfortable!!
Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
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Nice. Lucky bed sheets:)


what instrument did you play ?

I played clarinet & tenor sax in high school.

When I moved out on my own, I even started walking around the house nude. At first it seen weird. The fun part I have soft blanket that feel so good on my skin... I enjoyed sleepy nude. I am single so I sleep all over my bed.... with a blanket

:-)! You rock!