When I was in high school I attended a catholic private school, not that we were catholic, my dad just said it was the best education so thats where i went.

This school had a fundraiser at the start of every year....the seniors would bid on the incoming freshmen and girls and the funds would go the booster club or something. This would last for the first week of class.

I happened to play football and basketball and was in great shape and pretty good looking.
Well, while standing up on the stage, you could hear and see the seniors bidding on us freshmen. I ended up getting bought by a group of senior women along with several other guys in my class.
Unknown to me, these girls had arranged with my parents to pick us up early one morning and take us to breakfast and then school.

On the prearranged date my mom let them in the front door and walked the girls back to my room where i was sleeping. They snuck in my room and whipped the covers off of me to wake me up. Well, there i was totally nude in front of 5 girls. We were all stunned and i had to get up and go to my dresser to put some underwear on.
Needless to say it was initially very akward, but we all later laughed at it over breakfast.

greedy12 greedy12
36-40, M
Sep 17, 2012