Love Naked Sleep

My parents have a farm with a huge compound full of houses. The sons and daughters each have a separate house from the parents.So I grew up sleeping naked with my other 3 brothers.I think my parents used to sleep naked too.
In high school,I was elected Senior House Captain for the largest dormitory in the school(I was in my 5th and 6th years of secondary school,called Advanced High School or A Level) and was responsible for the good sleep of 254 boys in total.The 250 boys were younger and in Secondary School or O Level.I had a separate large room that I shared with 3 other A level students in bunk beds.
Anyway,I was always stunned to learn that so many boys slept naked.I could not bring myself to do that because I was older then and shared quarters with all these students.Some boys would sleep together in the same bed at night and if admonished,they would say they were scared to sleep alone. We had to evacuate the dormitory one night and many boys came out naked! I never thought much of it at the time.Now I would be concerned.
Presently,I sleep naked as much as I can.My pajamas consist of shorts and a t-shirt and I hardly use them.I love it.When I have a woman around,its even better,I try to make sure we all sleep naked and cuddle.I enjoy watching my woman go about the house naked all day or night:)
manomine manomine
46-50, M
Jan 9, 2013