Es Un Quart De Vuit!

After a few moments to gather himself, Robert got up and gathered all our clothes and called me to follow him upstairs. I first needed the bathroom when we got up there to freshen up a little, then down the corridor we went to his room. It wasn't as masculine as I thought it would be, but there were a couple of photos of him in his rugby kit.

He put our clothes down on the floor, and pulled open his duvet for me to slide under and he joined me there. He had another hard on and he was determined to use it! I spread my legs to welcome him again, only this time by the time he **********, I was sitting above him cowgirl style.

We both collapsed but he was quickly to sleep. I had so much to think about sleep was a little evasive. I settled down to rest, but it seemed just a few moments later he was like a dog 'poring at my door' wanting me again. I wanted him to **** me once more then I would sleep.

I heard his mother before he did. She was calling out to him what the time was. I got out of bed and I was sitting on the edge of it when she came in. She smiled and greeted me, asking me my name. She asked if I'd like coffee. Robert lifted himself up, and pushed the duvet off as he greeted his mother.

I got up and walked up the corridor to the bathroom. The door was open but Robert's father just coming out fully dressed for his day. He gave me a surprised look (I was naked after all) and smiled his greeting. I went in to pee, and clean up a little, before I needed to run to get back to Marguerite's so I could get some other clothes to go to school.
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wow, great story, very nice mother indeed! I wonder what the discussion that night over dinner was like!