Bye Bye To Night Clothes

Before I go sleep I love to take a shower. That makes me fresh. I take shower and come out of the bathroom just in a towel. I dry my body and get under the sheet without wearing anything, even the under wears. My husband also sleeps naked with me and we sleep by hugging each other. I feels nice, when all the private parts of our body is contacting each other. We beautiful touch each other and go to sleep. In the morning when I get up, most of the times I wake up with a huge wedgie on my ***** and then I go to bathroom to clean it.

But frankly speaking I love to sleep naked because all the body parts get proper aeration and me and my husband love each others soft touch.
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I always sleep naked but my wife does not. Bad luck. Advice me how i can make her do that. Cheers.

cuddle her nicely & undress her.....

Sleeping nude is nice and having some-one with you is better!

ya that\'s right

So many good reasons to sleep nude!

yes absolutely i also believe the same.........:)

That what I like too, clothes are too irritating and bothersome to wear during sleep...I sleep better nude too!


Naked sleeping is the best! Especially on a cold winter's night, all snuggled up with someone special!

yes........even the soft touch of the blanket also feels nice........and every night me & my hubby sleep naked hugging, cuddling, teasing and ******* each other........

I've not worn anything to bed since I was a kid. Just couldn't get on with it.

Even I can't afford clothes....It irritates and don't let me feel my own body....when I have such a nice body then I should flaunt and should enjoy it....that's what I feel......

I agree. You should add me as a friend and post more pics to flaunt your beautiful body ;)

I'm just a new person on this website....Will surely add some interesting pics......

Looking forward to viewing and commenting.

ya sure why not

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The best way to sleep

Yes it is........

Hi there, you sound like loads of fun, please consider adding me as a friend

Just try once......sleeping naked with your partner & cuddling and teasing all the time is really fun........